Honest Review: Iconic Power’s Solar Powered Portable Charger

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Disclosure: I received this portable charger for free from Iconic Power in exchange for an honest review. If you choose to purchase anything from Iconic Power, I do not receive any type of commission or incentive.

I travel a lot and one of my biggest pet peeves and inconveniences is not having a charger available to charge my phone and laptop.

They’re either all taken, the outlet is loose & my charger falls out, or there isn’t an outlet on the flight (come on Southwest, you’re killing me with this!).

When D’Morea, the owner of Iconic Power, contacted me to try out their Solar Powered Portable charger, I was geeked.

Finally, I could use my time more efficiently on long flights and not having to worry about my phone dying.

This is great if you travel a lot and/or like to work outside the home or office. The best thing is that you don’t have to worry about charging it because it’s solar-powered.

What I loved about the portable charger

It works!

The most important thing, for me, is that the charger works. I tested it a few days with an outlet charge and then a solar charge and I was able to charge my phone to full capacity several times (I didn’t have time to count how many full charges I got from outlet vs solar).

The Perfect Travel Charger

It’s lightweight, slim, and can easily fit into my backpack, travel purse, or travel wallet. It’s a little shorter in length than my iPhone XS Max and about the same width with an iPhone case on.

It Looks Nice

It’s not a huge, ugly, clunky tech advice. It’s sleek and I love the silver casing. If I had to choose, I would grab a black one so it’ll match the rest of my tech devices. #AllBlackEverything, amirite? 

Charging Didn’t Take Long

Within a few hours, I was able to fully charge the portable charger, my phone, and my son’s tablet. I didn’t time how long it took but I plugged everything in overnight and I woke up, everything was at 100% and the charger still had juice for more charges.

My recommendations for improvement

Packaging & Instructions

I had this shipped to my PO Box and then forwarded to me so I’m not sure if my mail carrier removed the packaging or if it didn’t come with any. If the latter, I definitely recommend improve the branding and packaging and to add a “fragile” label.

I also wasn’t 100% sure how to use the charger at first. I found myself asking, “Do I need to charge it first? How do I know it’s charged to capacity?” A simple instructions card would have been super appreciated (and it’s a good opportunity to encourage your customers to share their charger on social media using a company hashtag & tagging you).

Update: I spoke with D’Morea and they’ve already started implementing changes for packaging and branding, which I’m very excited about!


On my charger, I didn’t see any branding! Nothing that says Iconic Power or Iconic-Power.com! I think they’re missing out on free marketing because if I’m at a coffee shop with my charger out, people are definitely going to look at it and wonder what it is and/or where they can get one. Would also be a great opportunity to have 3 stickers or business cards so I could hand them out.The Charging Cable

My charger came with an Android USB charging cable by default. I would have loved to have had the option for an iPhone version. I also think a base for the charger is necessary in addition to the charging cable being a longer length. I ended up charging the charger on the floor, which isn’t ideal because I have a nosy toddler and pets.

Lift on the Charging Side

I’m not sure if it was just my charger but I did notice some lift between the metal and charging ports. This is something I’d address with manufacturing because it gives the appearance that something might be wrong with my charger.

Update: D’Morea is addressing this with their manufacturer and it should no longer be an issue.

Clarity on What I Can Charge

On the website, I think Iconic Power can be way more clear about what I can charge with the portable charger. For some reason, I thought I’d be able to charge both my phone and laptop. I was disappointed when I didn’t see the little USB-C charging port for my Macbook Pro. If they decide to add a charger that can charge both my phone and laptop, I’m buying it ASAP.

So… Should You Buy One?

Absolutely, it’s worth purchasing the Solar Powered Charger. Even without the improvements I recommended, this is definitely a tech and travel tool you need to have with you. They also would make great gifts and are perfect for college students, digital nomads, remote workers, everyone. I’d definitely keep one of these on your (at the office, in your bag, in your glove compartment) so you’re not stuck with a dead phone. The Solar Powered Portable Charger is currently on sale for $40, make sure to buy one!

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