BLOG - If You’re Starting An Online Business, Do It Right!

If You’re Starting An Online Business, Do It Right!

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If You’re Starting An Online Business, Do It Right!

My clients who are online business owners tell me they want these three things to happen:

  1. You want to hit 10k+ months consistently
  2. You want to do six figures a year
  3. You want my online business systemized and automated so I can feel confident when I show up

Now, for that to happen, let’s understand where you stand today.

Which one of these is you?

  1. I’m a specialist and the go-to expert in my industry for specific high-quality services and premium prices
  2. I’m a generalist who would do anything, for anyone, and at any price
  3. I don’t know

If it’s A, you’re in the right direction and I encourage you to keep moving forward.

If it’s B, is that working for you? Are you really happy with the way things are?

If it’s C, then you’ve got a lot of thinking to do.

Regardless of your answer, we’ve got a little something for everyone in this blog.

Maybe you think you will lose money if you don’t say yes to every client that comes your way or make your customer happy by obliging with every service request they have.

But think about what you need to do to build your online business, grow in the way that you want and what you want to be recognised for.

For instance, I am a business coach, yes.

But I specialize in helping freelancers, coaches, & consultants who trade time for money.

If you’re a VA, you could specialize in social media management and strategy for Instagram.

When you specialize and nail down your core offerings and services, your clients will –

  • Know you’re an expert and treat you like one
  • Refer you for your specialized services
  • Pay you what you’re worth because you’re an expert!

Systemize your core offerings to improve efficiency and quality

When I helped my previous clients launch an online course, I have everything systemized and ready to go – the frameworks, templates, project plans, checklists, and steps.

The resources, tools and step-by-step processes that my clients need to implement and recreate powerful results for themselves is organised and set up.

Here’s how you can do it too:

  1. Document everything: Use Google sheets, Airtable or your favourite platform to write down every single task. If you’re checking your email, following up with a client, updating your calendar or creating invoices – write everything down.
  2. Record how to complete the task: Try Loom to record every task, step-by-step. Don’t forget to address what you are doing, why you are doing it and why it has to be done a certain way. When you’re finished recording, save the video, grab the link and add it right next to the corresponding task on your Google sheet.
  3. Create operation manuals and replicate it on your task manager platform: Have your amazing VA watch these videos and help you create operation manuals with every task and method written down. The next step is to replicate everything that’s on paper into a digital template on Asana, Trello or on the platform that you use for your online business. Assign the roles, due dates, share the link to the loom video and any additional information they will require.

Pro Tip: I spend an hour every Friday working on a system!

The final step: Productize!

“Productizing means to take your specialty that you’ve turned into a system and then turning it into something that is repeatable for clients or people who want to do what you do – that is the oversimplified version of productizing.” – Arielle Hale, Business Coach

Before you create the courses, freebies, marketing plans and content for your online business, have answers to these questions:

  • What is your process?
  • Who do you specifically help?
  • What do you specifically help them do?
  • How can you help them?
  • What’s the solution?

When you specialize and systemize, dish out a framework for what you do.

Do you want to bring a coach into the mix and step up your game?

If you are an online service provider, freelancer coach, or consultant who needs a proven framework to:

  • Successfully scale up your business
  • Live your dream of achieving 6 figures
  • Without working insane hours every day

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