How to Start & Setup Your Own Blog

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I was talking to the homie Skrap (basically, being me and bossing him around with ideas to start his own blog). 

He asked what he should write about and how to setup his own website and so I’m going to share with you the advice I gave to him. 

What Do I Write About?

Easy. Pick 2 things you’re decent at.

For example, I’m an Asana Certified Pro and I’m great at automating/systemizing things. 

Now, for those 2 topics, what are five things someone needs to know before getting started?

Example: 5 Things You Need to Know Before Automating a System

Now you have two blog posts. 

Next, it’s time to buy a domain name, buy some hosting, and then setup your blog on WordPress. 

How to Buy a Domain Name & Hosting

I personally use and am pretty happy with Namecheap* for purchasing domain names and hosting. 

Here’s how to get started:

  • Purchase a domain from Namecheap* > add to cart ($8/year, you might be able to find coupon codes online for a discount. I like having my domains & hosting on one platform, easier to keep things organized, for me)
  • Add EasyWP hosting to your cart for $1/mon ($1/mon to start and then it increases to $4/month)
  • Optional but recommended: Add the PositiveSSL certificate ($4/year) to your cart as well
  • Check out, pay

How to Setup WordPress



How to Post Your First Blog Post



That’s the quick & easy way to start and setup your own blog. This should take between 30-60 minutes for you to do. 

You have two posts to get started with and if you’re active on social media, turn questions people ask you into blog posts. 

Whenever someone asks a question, you can point them to your blog or you have new content to create and share.

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