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Growth Mindset For Business: The Things We Would Do Differently If We Could Start All Over

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Growth Mindset For Business: The Things We Would Do Differently If We Could Start All Over

How would you like to take a stroll down memory lane today?
I hope you screamed “YES!” because I have an incredibly important question to ask.
The question is… What would you do differently if you had to start all over?
For me, it was quite a few things. For others, it could be just one.
In this blog, the focus is not on a short or long list. It is about having a growth mindset for business.
Here’s a snippet of my juicy response from the recent podcast episode of 4 Goats and A Mic. Let’s work on having a growth mindset for business – retrace your steps, strategically reroute and take life by the horns moving forward.

7 things I would have done differently if I could start all over

  1. I would have stopped listening to my family’s advice, because even though their advice was well intentioned, they were not up to date with the new technology and opportunities.
  2. I would have pursued a career in the beauty industry as a makeup artist just like I wanted to.
  3. I would have been more wise with the inheritance that I received from my grandmother when I was 18 years old.
  4. I would have worked a lot more, saved up, and put myself in a better position.
  5. I would have been smarter about my relationships and the men I dated.
  6. I would have taken the sound advice from the people who were doing or had done the things that I wanted to do.
  7. I would have started building an email list, hopped on to the new social media platforms when the time was right, learned it and tried to build an audience.

Whatever is on your list, maybe there are some things you could still implement, some part of it you could still change and some you really cannot do anything but think about.
One of those things that I believe you could still act on is – SAVE YOUR MONEY.

2 reasons why you should save your money for the best, worst and uncertain situations

Save up.
Common advice, rarely actioned. 

Pro Tip: All it takes is a small amount out of your monthly paycheck to help you out in the long haul.

1. If you want choose to shake things up in your life

The truth is, you won’t be young and sorted always.

Want to quit your job?

Switch career paths?

Take a break?

How do you plan on doing it all if you don’t have any money saved up to fall back on? There will always come a time when you have to make life-altering decisions and you cannot do that if you are not financially prepared for it.

2. If you want to have a say in tackling unforeseen circumstances  

We’re talking global pandemics and recessions where your job is on the line, businesses are struggling to survive and anything could happen.

It continues to affect millions of unprepared people across the world this year. 

When you have some financial backup, you could ride out the wave or make decisions more confidently.

A lot could happen, but you still have to pay your bills, keep your shelter and food. Don’t let yourself get to a point where you have to count every dollar and live anxiously until you get your next job.

You never know what happens, right?

Final thoughts: It’s your life and only you can figure out what you want

Are you where you want to be?

Take the time to know who you are, what you really want, what you like to do and what you don’t and how you could be doing better.

Check in with yourself every few months to ensure you are on the right track with your goals and vision in life, business, finances and so on.

You probably wish someone else could do all the research and pen down the ideal options, solutions and ideas – but that’s really not possible.

Only you have the answers and the power to make choices.

Whether you have had a perfect life up until now or made mistakes over and over again, you can always change what lies ahead based on what YOU want.

What do you do to have a growth mindset for business?

Are you intrigued?

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