Arielle "Ari" Hale

Hey, I'm Ari! I'm 30, a mom, and recently retired & sold my freelance project management business in digital marketing. I've worked remotely since 2014 and have a talent for project management, systems, automation, marketing, analytics, and scaling businesses. I'm currently focused on my new COO role @ a software company, an e-commerce venture, my new automation consulting business, & creating mini tutorials & paid guides & trainings on Asana, project management, automations, and productivity. I'm an Asana Certified Pro and an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. In my spare time, I'm learning Data Science, SQL, DevOps, pentesting, and Python.

Honest Review: Iconic Power’s Solar Powered Portable Charger

Disclosure: I received this portable charger for free from Iconic Power in exchange for an honest review. If you choose to purchase anything from Iconic Power, I do not receive any type of commission or incentive. I travel a lot and one of my biggest pet peeves and inconveniences is not having a charger available …

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